Protect Your Information and Data

When it comes to protecting your data and files, never rely on chance or good luck    . Catastrophes can, and do, happen


to businesses every day – often resulting in the permanent loss of precious, irreplaceable information. To avoid this result, our Fort Worth managed IT services includes back-up of your digital information t


o a remote location virtually immune from disaster. At University 

Computers, we also recommend that the best option to protect your business is to work with a managed IT company familiar with the technology you use and problems that you can face.

Our off-site back-up is 

recommended for the following reasons:

  • We provide an extra layer of security for your business files
  • We are affiliated with many top names in off-site storage, including Veeam and Unitrends
  • We offer NAS in RAID configuration for Backup Redundancy
  • Back-up storage is also available on-site in rack-mount or standalone solutions

For help with your off-site data storage solutions, we encourage you to speak with our IT consultants as soon as possible – before disaster strikes. For more information about what our team at University Computers has to offer, contact us at (817) 870-2921.

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