Instant Peace of Mind and Protection Against Threats

As you are likely aware, viruses can creep into a network virtually undetected, and wreak havoc on the computers of all users, both insides and outside the network. At University Computers, we take network security extremely seriously, and offer Fort Worth managed IT services for businesses looking to implement the ultimate protection against threats. Our team is also well-educated in detecting a threat the moment it becomes apparent, and has a bevy of mitigation options to help put a stop to an issue before it becomes widespread.

Our anti-virus protection comes with the following features:

  • Several layers of protection between the network and each user
  • Gateway security on your network
  • Anti-Spyware technology
  • Anti-Ransomware Protection
  • Additional fortification against viruses in a flash drive
  • Unparalleled firewall protection

Your trusted IT management company!

For more information about our anti-virus protection services, as well as a thorough explanation as to how this investment can ultimately protect your business from unthinkable catastrophe, contact today by calling (817) 870-2921.

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